Club Rules...

  1. All flyers must be current members of the AMA, except for those under the pilot intro initiation program.
  2. Everyone must comply with the AMA safety code as it is written at all times.
  3. No flying before noon on Sundays.
  4. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises of the Club Field, either by members, or their guests.
  5. Act in a civil way towards your fellow members. It is considered a privilege to use the club's facilities, and not your right.
  6. Non-members are not permitted to fly without a signed "Visitors License" and be accompanied with the member host.
  7. You may not attempt solo flight until your instructor issues you an "Open Pilots" license.
  8. You must stop flying if an officer deems your aircraft, or skill level to be below the standards of safe flight.
  9. Because the vast majority of RC pilots are using 2.4 ghz equipment today, we do not have a frequency control board. If you are using older 72 mhz equipment make certain that all in attendance are aware of you frequency. If you shot someone down you own it!
  10. At no time is flying permitted behind the zero line. An aircraft should never fly over or past the flight line on the pilot's side of the runway.
  11. The property owner flies full scale aircraft from the property. When there is a full scale aircraft operating in the area, LAND IMMEDIATLY, DO NOT FLY!
  12. When at the field the last person to leave is responsible for closing and locking the gate at the enterance.
  13. Memberships must be renewed no later than March 15th.

The field is located on private property and we are guests of the property owner. He has been extremely gracious in allowing us to use a portion of his property for a flying site. ALL conduct should reflect the courtesy and respect due our host.

Membership Dues are $100.00 per year after an initial initiation fee of $50.00. Any new member signing up after January 1st will automatically renewed through the following March 15th.